Wagashi (Japanese Style Sweet) of Chocolate Senbei

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These are nice smell of baked rice wagashi (Japanese style sweet).

“Osenbei” is thin rice cracker of wagashi , which is made from non-glutinous rice. Non-glutinous rice is a kind of rice which we usually eat.

kingodo   Reference  mochikichi.co.jp

Osenbei is chewy, but it is very food for digestion and absorption. It is because secretion of saliva improves by chewing hard osenbei a lot. Moreover it makes the chin muscles work.

mochikiti3    Reference  mochikichi.co.jp The physiological function of the head becomes active by the stimulation and thus we can expect anti-aging effects. When I chew a piece of osenbei, a nice smell of baked rice spreads in my mouth.

mochikiti1  Reference  mochikichi.co.jp

This osenbei is coated with chocolate and has a new texture. You can enjoy both sweetness and crispness.

mochikiti2   Reference  mochikichi.co.jp

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