Japanese Sweets Which Use Fresh Local Ingredients of Okinawa

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 You Can’t Stop Eating These Delicious Okinawa Japanese Sweets

You know what, Okinawa prefecture has many individual Japanese sweets which use abundant local ingredients: pineapples, deep red potatoes, and citrus fruits.

“Premium pineapple cake”
It received a 2012 Monde Selection gold medal for superior quality!


Reference    http://rikkadokka.com/special/0003/02/

The flavor of the pineapple is exquisite and it has a moist texture.


Reference    www.hoodo.jp/chibayaa/goods_id-00660915.html

“Kippan (a cake which has processed citrus peel) Sablé(biscuit)”
This sablé with a refreshing scent uses Kippan, which is a type of traditional Okinawan sweet. It is easy to eat.


Reference    http://rikkadokka.com/special/0003/02/

“Beni Zutumi (deep red sweet potato cake)”
It is steamed sweet potato with a refined taste with red bean jam inside.


Reference    http://rikkadokka.com/special/0003/02/

“Doughnut stick with brown sugar and deep red potato”
You can’t stop eating this delicious sweet which is moist and sweet on the inside and crispy on the outside.


Reference    http://rikkadokka.com/special/0003/02/

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