Matcha Collon of Uji

<h1><span style=”font-size: 12pt;”><strong>Japanese Sweet: Fragrance of Powdered Green Tea</strong></span></h1>
<p>When you put this Kyoto Uji Matcha Collon in your mouth, you may be impressed by strong fragrance of the matcha (powdered green tea).<br />
The first tea leaves picked by hand are used for Kyoto Uji Matca Collon.</p>
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<p>Original collon is a tiny cookie. It has cylinder shape. The core of the crunchy thin cookie is filled with cream.<br />
A feature of Kyoto Uji Matca Collon is to use those special matcha for a cookie dough and cream.<br />
Cream seems to melt away when I eat it at normal temperature.<br />
When I cool it and eat, cream becomes firm, but can enjoy the slightly chilly touch.<br />
It is yummy eating in either way.<br />
You can try both way, and find out which way you like.</p>
<p>Kyoto Uji Matcha collon is limitedly sold only in Kansai area.<br />
Uji is known as a production center of the tea of the high quality more than 600 years.<br />
Sen-no Rikyu, the great master of tea ceremony, also loved Uji tea deeply.<br />
This small cookie shows the essence of Japanese history and tradition.<br />
When we eat cookies, usually we do not think about such things.<br />
However, the taste of the matcha lets you feel Japan strongly.</p>

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