Japanese Western Styls Sweet of Ehime prefecture

Presentation of poplar Japanese sweet souvenirs of Ehime prefecture

You know what? Ehime prefecture is famous for Iyokan (a Japanese citrus), 90% of production. I am pleased to introduce some popular souvenirs of Japanese western style sweets of Ehime prefecture.

“Sweets with Pom Juice taste”

In Ehime, many snacks and sweets cooperate with Pom Juice such as gummi candies and Tirol Chocolates, especially “Pom Juice Collon” is popular for its fresh citrus fruit taste.

“Pom Juice Collon “, produced by Ezaki Glico


Reference  gigazine.net/news/20131208-pom-juice-faucet/

“Gum candy with Pom Juice taste”

P1550253_mReference  gigazine.net/news/20131208-pom-juice-faucet/

“Tirol Chocolate sweet with Pom Juice taste “ , produced by Triol Chocolate

You can enjoy eating pom juice chocolate of Iyokan (a Japanese citrus) taste. There are not only pom juice taste but also apple and grapefruit flavors.

chti01j_0608_cReference .kashiokun.net/product_info.php/products_id/243

“Mochi (rice cake) with Pom Juice taste”

2014-05-17-16-00-01_deco1-768x1024 2014-05-17-16-03-40_deco-1024x768

Reference  meganemegane70.sakura.ne.jp/okashi/?p=286

“Poem” A signature sweet “Poem” is a Manju with butter taste; white bean paste is stuffed in a filmy skin, which really melts in your mouth.

poem1Reference .keio1985.com/alumni/alumni_plan.html

“Kiri no Mori Daifuku”

Use chemical-free green tea power from Shingu Village, which is famous for its tea. Each Daifuku is carefully hand-made and of extra quality. Slightly bitter green tea, strained bean paste with moderate sweetness and fresh cream make a rich harmony.

daifuku2_490Reference www.kirinomori.co.jp/shop/

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