Wagashi of High Ranking Assorted Karinto (Japanese Fried Cookies)

Wagashi of local flavors named after nine spots in Kyoto

I’d like to introduce to you “Popular Assorted wagashi products in Kyoto highly reputed by the shopping magazine Fujingaho.”

“Mushi Yashinai Dokoro Ninigi” assorted Karintos(Japanese fried cookies).


Reference   fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/etc/tokusyu_kyoto_wagashi.php

“Mushi Yashinai Dokoro Ninigi”  is a store of  common and popular, Kyoto. The uniquely assorted the(nine kinds of) Karintos, selected by a shop on the internet of magazine Fujingaho. They are great as an after meal refreshment and as nibbles with beer. They match the best with green tea.
This Karinto is made in Kiyomizu Kyoto known as a famous sight seeing spot for delicious Japanese sweets. It is one of the popular souvenirs of Sanneizaka, a famous hill between Kiyomizu-dera (Temple) and Gion Yasaka.


Reference   fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/etc/tokusyu_kyoto_wagashi.php
You can enjoy the nine kinds of local flavors named after nine spots in Kyoto.
“Raizin(meaning god of thunder)” Fried burdock root taste with red pepper as a spicy accent.

Here is a picture of Raizin. You can see this famous picture in Kyoto.

300px-Raizin       Reference  ja.wikipedia.org
Here is one of the famous Sightseeing spots, “Arashiyama” Gently sweet brown sugar taste.


220px-Kyoto_arashiyama01     Reference  ja.wikipedia.org
Here is one of the popular sightseeing spots, “Kibune” Green laver and wasabi taste and so on.

top     Reference   kifunejinja.jp

Kibune, Arashiyama are the sightseeing spots which are famous in Kyoto.

Notes.   These Karintos express the scenery of flavorful Kyoto.


Wrapped up by Yushi

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