5 kinds of “Local Character’s Pretz”

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Glico collaborated with local popular characters, limited quantity of  “Local character Pretz”  

Do you know what, “Local mascot” is?
Characteristic features of the mascots have strong relations with specific regions. They are used for PR events and help promoting the local towns.
I’d like to introduce to you 5 kinds of “Local character Pretz” which Glico collaborated with local popular characters.

These were launched from Glico on July 29th, 2014, but its sale already ended at the end of September, 2014. I hope those Pretz will be revived in the future.

“Kyun-chan”: Scallop taste, limited to Hokkaido District


Reference syokugan-ohkoku.com/item/order-glico/gotouti-pretz-kyunchan

“Sanomaru”: Ramen taste, limited to Tochigi prefecture


Reference syokugan-ohkoku.com/item/order-glico/gotouti-pretz-kyunchan

“Ieyasu”: Powder green tea flavor, limited to Shizuoka Prefecture


Reference syokugan-ohkoku.com/item/order-glico/gotouti-pretz-kyunchan

“Small middle-aged man “: Takoyaki taste, limited to Hyogo Prefecture


Reference syokugan-ohkoku.com/item/order-glico/gotouti-pretz-kyunchan

“Pary-san”: Mandarin orange taste, limited to Ehime prefecture (Shikoku)


Reference syokugan-ohkoku.com/item/order-glico/gotouti-pretz-kyunchan

Pretz lovers go ” It is easy to eat because of sticks”, “we can share them as it has many sticks in a package”.
It has a reputation as an outdoor snack.Those unique Pretz seem to become the unforgettable souvenirs.

Notes.    The prefectures having local popular mascots are lucky.
Their products sell themselves.

Wrapped up by Yushi


Reference  matome.naver.jp/odai/2140662188586264101

 Scallop taste  :  Rich scallop taste matches roasted soy sauce.
 Ramen taste  :  light soy sauce taste ,yet lingering and addictive.
 Powder green tea flavor  :  Deep powder green tea flavor that you can enjoy moderate bitterness and sweetness.
 Mandarin orange taste  :  Mixture of mellow sweetness of custard and sweet-sour mandarin orange flavor.
 Takoyaki taste  :  A good match of rich flavored red pickled gingers and dried bonito shavings.
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